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These Ukrainian girls are ready to meet you right now. They will meet you with a smile and will be ready to do everything you agreed on while making your order. Before ordering, choose the additional or main services you want to experience and notify the operator about the services of your choice in advance. If you want a girl to wear specific lingerie or take toys with her, also tell the manager. We advice you to call in two hours before the meeting, because it takes time for a girl to prepare for a meeting and arrive on time (considering traffic). If you make your order in the evening, when there are no traffic jams, we can cut the time of waiting to an hour and a half. 

Please do not forget about our rule: we start the countdown when the meeting begins. That means you have to pay the girl in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. If you decide to extend the time of meeting, you need to ask a girl, she will contact the agency and check if this is possible and warn us about the amount of time extended. Please do not ask our girls to do classic sex without condoms - this is strictly forbidden! Also, you are not allowed to leave your contact information to the girl or ask her for information. All meetings are held strictly through the firm - in this case we can guarantee the confidentiality for each part. 

Enjoy your meetings!

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