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How can I make my order?
Better to call our manager 1,5-2 hours before the date. Ordering a date with the girl you like via agency is quite simple. We also take orders through email. All you need to do is to send a letter to our email. It should contain some specific information so it would be easier for us to issue your order. You should mention: 
 •    Full name of the model you'd like to meet;
•    Where would you like to meet her - in your own place or you'd like to use incall service in agency's apartments;
•    Certain time you'd like to see her (or maybe them, if you'd like to meet few girls at a time);
•    Duration of meeting.
We will place your order after receiving this email. All you need to do after that is call us few hours before meeting and confirm it.

Do I need to make prepayments for the date?
No, there is no need in making prepayment for the date.

I'm not in Kyiv at the moment. Can I still meet one of your models? 
Of course you can do it. Read our “Tours” section, you can find everything you need to know there.

How do I make sure I'll meet the certain lady I liked? 
  We always try our best to give client what he wants and needs. But we work with people, and there are special situations from time to time (rarely). The girl you'd like to meet can feel sick or go through her period time, so we kindly ask our clients to mark the ladies you'd like to meet beside this chosen one. Mark the one you liked the most. In that case, if the girl you ordered does not feel well, we will send you another baby you liked. But in the most cases we guarantee you that the meeting with chosen escort will happen. 

Can I get the phone number of the lady I liked?
  It's impossible. Meetings and communication is held only through agency. Your phone call easily can get the women into trouble, and by the way, ladies who share their numbers are punished financially with the direction of our agency. If you really liked the woman you've spent some time with - respect her and her private life and meet her only while using our comfortable and high-quality services. 

Can I ask your model to come to my hotel room?
Of course it's possible. Our ladies are visiting mostly every hotel of Kiev. But sometimes you need to meet the girl downstairs to make sure she will have the possibility to come to your room. Some hotels require room key to get to the floor. In some cases you need to pay security to get the lady in, the payment can be from 10$ up to 20$.
 Nota Bene: You can ask to come to your hotel room only before 23.30. 

When should I call agency before the meeting?
If you ordered a date or you just want to order a certain girl, make sure you're calling in time - in hour or two before meeting. We need this time for the girl to come to your place (traffic can be heavy sometimes).

Can I talk to chosen lady without mediators?
Privacy is what we value the most in our agency. We value your privacy and your right to save your private life in secret highly. We ask the same of you - respect private lives of our ladies. All the meetings are settled with the help of our agency. It's important for you - we guarantee that you will get the best service possible without any difficulties. Our rules are made only for clients' profit and safety, so respect them.

Can I get a discount in your agency?
It's possible! Our loyal clients are getting high discounts. Just call our manager and ask for it, she will explain everything to you.

Can I refuse staying with the escort-model if I didn't like her in person? 
 All the models are beauties (please notice, that all the photos are real) and smarties. It's hard to even think that the ladies like this can be disliked in person. But if it happened, we can always correct the situation. All you need to do is call us in the very beginning of your meeting, if you have the feeling that sparks are not flying at all. We will send you another courtesan if you want. But you need to know that you have to pay for the taxi. 

What currency do you take as a payment?
We accept grivnas, euros and dollars at the same time. You can phone our manager and ask for details about currency questions.

Can I ask the model to join me in restaurant or club or something like that?
It's quite possible, you can ask the girl for a date (before, after or if you like - instead of sex), but please notice that you should be paying for everything including her orders.

Can I prolong the duration of meeting if I liked the lady?
You can. Our clients usually prolong the duration of meetings for longer time and it's quite understandable - our ladies are really beautiful and charming, and men want to stay with them longer. To get some extra time, you need to call our manager and settle this thing down with her. If the opportunity exists, you will have your extra time.

Can I ask my chosen model to come to Odessa, Lviv or other Ukrainian cities? 
 Most of our ladies are easy-going and they go travelling with men. The only thing you need to know is that when you ask escort to come to another city with you, you should pay for her tickets both ways and also pay all the expenses of her living there. 

Are there some age limitations for the clients of your service?
 Yes, we have specific limitations - we accept orders only from men from 21 to 73 years old.

Do I need to make some extra payments if I order my lady for a long time?
 You need to pay for model's food. If you're ordering for 6 hours or more and you're not ordering food, model can finish the meeting - it's written in our agency rules.

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