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What to know about oral sex to enjoy it the most

Sex is an integral aspect of our lives and plays an important role in the relationship between men and women. Indeed, so much attention has been devoted to this topic and a large number of various articles has been written. Sex is many-sided and diverse, including such types like anal and deep oral sex, allowing people to choose the kind of pleasure that can give them the greatest pleasure. Beautiful Ukraine escort girls are sweet professionals knowing all secrets of sex to satisfy even the most demanded and versed men.

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The benefits of oral sex

Among all the variety of sex types, the oral one is very popular possessing many benefits and advantages. Oral sex Ukraine escort models will help the man to relax and get superb sexual experience. CIM Ukraine escort is an indispensable and easiest way to relax the body and soul, plunging into the waves of bliss and sweet languor.

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Who tried once this kind of love will never be able to reject it ever. Since CIM is simple it does not require much efforts and energy. Also, its distinguishing feature is safety for a woman, which allows her to completely relax and not think about protection. And most importantly, in almost all cases, CIM service Ukraine for men is accompanied by sharp and very pleasant sensations, as the orgasm is achieved much faster and easier.

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Types of oral sex

Oral sex is not as simple as many people are used to considering. Also, is not limited to the only blowjob which means touching the penis with tongue and lips, and swallow cum after. If you look deeper, it turns out that it is more diverse and has several types. Among them:

  • Autofellatio. It is a form of sexual self-satisfaction, a type of blowjob when the penis is fondled with tongue and mouth.
  • Irrumatio. This is one of the forms of oral sex, which means active movements of the penis in the mouth and throat of a partner with next cum in mouth. This form can be performed without penetration, making movements of the penis between the legs of the partner, and between the upper part of her thighs.
  • Dipping a “tea bag” often referred to as “A bag of tea”. It is another kind of oral sexual intercourse, implying the situation when a man places both of his testicles in the mouth, on the face or around the face of a woman, which is accompanied by repeated movements, as during the irrumatio.
  • Anilingus.  This is a sexual practice of stimulating the anal area with lips or tongue with the purpose cause sexual arousal and to bring satisfaction.

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The best oral sex positions

The private life is very rich in experiments and there is no limit to the fantasy and creative approach in the bedroom. The most known position for oral sex is 69 giving the opportunity to both man and woman to fondle each other's private parts with their lips and tongue. At the same time, both partners are in an inverted position relative to each other, as the numbers in the number 69, hence the name.

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Despite all its popularity, this position is not always suitable to achieve the best orgasm, as mutual affection does not allow to focus on getting pleasure and distract partners from it. Therefore, it is better to focus all the attention to only one thing: either to enjoy or bring pleasure it to the partner.

The best position for getting pleasure from oral sex is when the woman is on top, or when both partners are on their side. There is also a position when a woman is below, which in most cases is inconvenient, due to the weight of the partner and the inability to somehow control or restrict the movements of his penis. So, do only what suits you the most and get maximum pleasure and joy from different kinds of oral sex.

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