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Reviews about Kiev escorts


A very hot, sweet young lady with very soft skin and amazing figure. Stanislava is a very beautiful and nice girl possessing a stunning natural body. She has an elegant feminine way to move and a friendly and engaging smile. Natural, almost innocent but wild when she gets into. We clicked and I got excellent service with unforgettable moments. Limited English is the only backside of hers but she makes a good attempt. Recommended.


Can she travel anywhere in EU? How big is her tattoo and where? I am impressed with her profile. I want to see her face photos, please. Thanks, Kaz

Answer: yes, Olga goes on tours in Europe. Contact our operator


Masha arrived on time and looked exceptionally sexy. She is beautiful and has an amazing body. As I opened the door I wanted her there and then, I had to calm down as I wanted to tear her clothes off immediately but I kept control. We had some talking, she speaks very well English, and the action started immediately, and this lady knows all about action. She has special techniques that are mind-blowing, so if you want style sex you will not be disappointed with this hot Ukrainian babe. I don’t normally retu but know I will see her again. Thank you Masha.


I want this girl, classic and anal.


I had a very enjoyable time with Erica. A lovely girl, just like the photos with beautifully soft, white baby skin. Erica gives a nice massage, has a great body and the service she provided was perfect. Lovely eyes and natural breasts, she was warm, tactile, and made me feel so good. If you like young, tall brunettes with reasonable size breasts, then you can not go wrong with Erica. Highly recommend if into young girls.


Yulia is absolutely gorgeous. As beautiful and womanly as her pictures but with even more sex appeal in reality. Beautiful sexy girl with a lovely slim figure and nice perky boobs. She is a tender, tactile girl, nice to chit-chat with, and makes you feel very welcomed. Her intimate skills are astonishing, and she pleases perfectly and really seems to enjoy the closeness. That was a perfect meeting which I will certainly repeat as soon as come back in Kiev.


Truly a great GFE. Marta is very welcoming, a lovely person, absolutely adorable, and super sensual. It’s easy to relax in her company with time flying. Her English is basic, but nevertheless we managed to hold a nice conversation. It was so fun! As for services, she is stunning, fun and responsive, very open-minded and truly beautiful. And I loved my time with her, it was perfect. Marta is just wonderful. Can't wait to go back!


Varvara is perfect joy. A natural, stunning beauty, with young, flawless body and a pleasant personality. She put me at ease right away. She is very friendly and welcoming and doesn't just look sexy, she moves sexy. Lusty and hot, she provided all the requested services. A passionate GFE experience with a touch of PSE, with no rush, exceeded my expectations. Really, Varvara is one of the best escort experiences I’ve had.


An absolute delight to see Inna. She is stunningly beautiful and with an amazing attitude. One hour with her was full of fun and intense exotic state of mind. I really enjoyed every minute with her, she kept me entertained from the minute we met to the moment I left, and she was in no hurry to see me leaving.Treat her with respect and care, and you will have experience of a lifetime. She is much better than on photos and has a lot to show.


She has perfect skin, perfect breasts and a cute little smile that makes you want to pick her up and kiss her all over. She is gorgeous and her pictures are excellent, but when you see her in person you mouth will hit the floor! Arina was completely focused on ensuring that our time together would be filled with exquisite naughtiness. With toys and numerous variations, her offering of services is over and above what I would usually have count on and everything was done with a smile and genuine enthusiasm.


It was my second visit in a few days while visiting Kiev because I was truly captivated by Elen’s personality and elegance. We connected like if we knew each other for ages, or at least that’s how I felt. She is a special soul truly deserving all the best, full of sensitivity, positive energy, and passion. Very polite and bit shy but once she starts going, all the shyness is out of the door. While I’ll keep the details for myself, I can share that it was an extremely rewarding GF experience. Perfect evening with a perfect woman.


Viktoria is an absolute wonder. She gave me a warm and relaxing welcome. She has a truly extraordinary body and the experience and confidence to know exactly what to do with it. She looks exactly like her pictures with an amazing body and she is in great shape. Very warm and engaged. While she accommodated all of my requests she was also incredibly intuitive about leading things in other (fantastic) directions as well. Will definitely retu - highly recommended.


Super sexy lady!


Maryanna is fantastic. She is young and cute, has a great body, confident, funny, speaks good English and was fun to be with. She was incredibly sexy knowing how to tu a guy on. She was attentive and provided the most satisfying hours I’ve ever experienced. I had such a good time with her that I delayed my departure from Kiev so that I could see her on Friday again. If she was local to me I would have to make meeting her a regular thing. Spend time with her and rest assured you won’t be disappointed.


Lovely girl, very good looking, slim, tall and really long legs. She looked amazing in her outfit and the lovely long heels. Obviously, she is a tall girl, easy 5’11”. Marta is friendly and the service she provided was brilliant too. Non-stop passionate actions from the first minute to the last. Had a very good time. Recommended!


Girl-next-door freshness combined with sexy responsiveness, and hot personality. The combination which definitely worth drawing man’s attention. What a pleasure to meet up with this delightful young woman. She is really gorgeous, very smart and engaging. Absolutely no rush whatsoever. Top services and always willing to please you in all ways. Thank you, Dana. And thank you Agency for your usual courteous and efficient arranging.

Just ask if Irina is available on 7th June late afte oon?
how much is UAH?Does she do incall service? Where?


Had to wait for her a little bit longer than expected. But since the very first look, I realized for sure that this girl would have blown me away and that is exactly what happened. Albina is gorgeous as per pictures: perfect body, charming eyes, sensual smile, pale skin, boobs that need a whole book chapter to be described as they were absolutely perfect. Great time there, I will definitely come back to have more and more and more, as it would never be enough!


Men, I don’t know what to say. I’m for sure not a beginner in sex but this hot stuff lady is a sex Goddess. I had her today and I can only dream for next time to meet her again. She puts all her skills on what she does, she loves what she does (this, of course, depend on chemistry with the person) and she is so exciting always and smiles like a sweet child. Guys, if you are in Kiev and you don’t order her amongst all the other girls, then know what you miss. Maybe now she doesn’t speak perfect English but it’s so sweet to talk through google translate and her lovely face kinda make you forget about that anyway.


Arranging to meet with Albina for lunch appeared to be the best idea and very pleasant. She was charming and intriguing since the very beginning, and I could tell our date would make for a pleasant afte oon. I was not let down in the slightest. Albina was courteous, wonderfully flirtatious, and unfailingly polite. She never missed a bit while we were chatting, and provided excellent gfe service and each bit of the experience I was looking for. A splendidly professional and friendly girl.


Just fantastic girl, really friendly and makes you feel very comfortable. On top of that, she's an incredible company too. She speaks great English, is a cheeky little minx but she's obviously a very smart girl too. I don't really like to go into too much detail with the action but enough to say the quality matches her appearance and it was as happy to finish as I've ever experienced. I am definitely sure I will meet her again for a new wonderful experience.


She is great fun and I loved her ironic sense of humor so we had a laugh most of the time. She radiates with sex appeal, class, elegance and intelligence. She is a fantastic lady, very affectionate and caring, acting like a real girlfriend. Apart from that, she has the most wonderful personality and so full of life. Excellent time with an unforgettable beautiful lady who is a perfect combination of girlfriend and po star experience.


I enjoyed a fantastic wild ride with the remarkably magnificent and awesome Zhenia! We f***ed each other brains out and I left completely spent! GFE and all advertised services delivered expertly. But what fabulous personality too. Sexy, smart, amusing, really friendly and a lot of fun to hang out with. The only disappointment is that I couldn't see her for longer. I was genuinely sad to leave.


I ordered Masha because she had a beautiful set of things that she was offering and also the comments were quite good. I had some ideas about what I wanted to do with Kiev escort like her, but you should know that she is way better than in the pictures. A real beauty inside out! And on the inside, I want to say that I tried her quite deep including sex multiple times. I think I got thrilled by just looking at her and making up new scenarios all night long.


It was the first time I met Sabina. Judging from her pictures, I expected a gorgeous darkhaired beauty to come to my hotel room. I was not disappointed, in reality, she looked even better. Her face has that special something. She came dressed as I requested, but having too heavy, according to my opinion, makeup which I asked her to remove mostly preferring natural way. Her body is marvelous, her boobs are great and we had a fun and sexy time together. I can highly recommend her. Guys, please treat her nicely and with respect.