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How to find UA girls with true pictures?

We often receive different comments and letters from our clients. And some of them do find answers not in comments, but in articles by our agency. We want to make our services more useful for you, and we want you to understand the way we work, so we always provide our clients with explanations of why do we do something. Now, some people asked us, why don't we show only professional photoshoots for our UA elite escorts. This deserves an article - the one where you can understand why our agency cares so much about our clients and why do we keep showing real life pictures in profiles of our escorts.

When you search for companion in Kiev UA, you can read their profiles. But you surely pay the most attention to pictures, and that's the way things work. Pictures are the most important, because you're looking for an escort, not a lady to spend your life with. And we know for sure that magazine-looking, stylish pictures are the one that get your attention faster than ever. And we make photoshoots where you can see our girls this way. Looking like models, with all the make-up, hair-styling and stuff. Most of our girls have pictures like these. But on their pages we still save their real-life pictures. Why do we do that?

UA Kiev escort girls from our agency look good. We don't have bad looking ladies, and our clients get the best from our girls. But we aim for showing them real, showing them as they are, without filters and professional photographer look on their bodies and faces. Most of the agencies do the professional photoshoot, and they only show these pictures, with too much Photoshop on them and too much make-up on them. Not to mention that they can be not real or just plain too old. Showing the real pictures means showing the person without any improvements, simply the way she looks in life and the way you can see her. Real life pictures can show the real body, the way girl dresses and the way she looks when she's not on photoshooting. Of course this can destroy your interest in ladies, but

a) we try to look for the best looking girls, who looks good even in the real life;
b) it's better for you if you see that the lady looks not the way you imagine before you order her.

If you're interested in getting the girl you are seeing on pictures, just look for our ladies. You can see them as models on our professional photoshoots, and you can see them real on their own mobile phone photos or just random pics from their life. And you won't ever be fooled by our agency! That's how it works!

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