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I don't even know how to start my text I never thought that someday I will be spending time with men who seek for sex with Kiev lady. I was always an intellectually gifted, but also an unusual girl. I loved literature, culture, I also loved interesting things and I wanted to know everything. But I loved men and I liked being in their company. From the time I was very young, about 15, I always spent my free time with older men and they taught me everything I know about life. So when time came to decide which job I am taking, I made an unusual turn and my life changed completely. Well, I just tried working in an escort-agency. And you know what? I liked it.

I know that people are often surprised while hearing that someone could like the job like this, but escorts from Kiev and from our agency especially are slightly different from others. It's an interesting job, challenging one - the one where I have to use all of my techniques and all of my skills just to keep my client interested.

Not that I work in KEA agency my life became really different. In fact, I have a double-life, the one that is portrayed in different movies and books that I really love to read. It's not divided into daytime and night time, because sometimes I work in the daylight and it is nothing special for me But it is divided in parts where I'm a student, a friend and so on and in part where I am a huntress, a priestess of love, the one who gives pleasure to different men from around the whole world. I never knew it could be that interesting, I never knew that the work like this can give me that much and show me things I never knew before.

I had meetings with men that were absolutely interesting and with those who felt dangerous to me. I met those who were looking just to have some fun and Kiev sex, and also I met those who really wanted to spend some time with someone who understands them and can talk to them (my skills in English are really helpful sometimes). And I enjoy company of each one of them. They are really awesome and I love hanging out with them, having sex, talks, date, all the stuff that escorts do.

Maybe I'm not as glamorous as other girl, but I am really down to Earth and I want to tell something to men who doubt about taking an escort lady to a date or sex date Don't be shy! And never doubt about it. It's an experience you want to feel and live through. With our girls it would be very different this time!

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