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Dominika tells about the hottest sex with couple

I really love trying something new, something I have never experienced before. And it's important for me to share my pleasure with my client. Give him something to remember, something pleasurable enough to never forget. Perfect escort date for me is when my client's satisfaction meets mine. And if I can satisfy someone else, someone third - that really makes me happy. Not so long ago I had the possibility to do so. I am talking about the hottest sex with couple I've had for a while. 

One of my clients wanted to get some quality time and open the world of the most sensual pleasures to his long term girlfriend. He decided to make her his wife and he is a man of huge sexual appetites, so he needed her to decide if she can handle him. He asked me to perform something special, and I offered incredible threesome. He got his girl ready for this, and I was waiting so hard to meet them both. One thought of making love to this handsome grown-up man with his young girlfriend made me so hot I literally fantasized about them and those fantasies made me horny and wet. 

And this day finally came! I did my best to look sexy, sultry and seducing. I wanted this young girl to like me, to like hot sex with her man. And to find out how good is her man in bed actually. He was absolutely stunning and with him she had the ultimate chance to find out a lot about different styles of sex and try everything. The girl was beautiful, she matched her man, but he was 20 years older than her. They were incredibly passionate to each other, but she was a bit afraid to enter a new area for her. So I started slow, with long and passionate kisses. Then I just went on with caressing her body, kissing it, loving her and making her incredibly wet. I love turning women on, I love hearing them moan and sometimes even screaming! Luckily this girl was one of those screamers, so I enjoyed her begging for more and more love. Her future-to-be husband enjoyed us kissing and even performing oral on each other. He told us he was the happiest man alive, but we were going to make him even happier! So we got on our knees and gave him a collective blowjob. Sex with two women was something he won't ever forget about! 

But the best part about this whole story was the gratitude that I got from my client. He visited me after that session and told him that couple sex with Kiev girl was the definitive moment that made his love life even better. And know he's positive about making a proposal and tying the knot with this girl. And we will absolutely meet again So many times. 

So if you want to make something new out of your marriage's sex life, if you want to get closer to your partner and make your life colorful, you can always use my help. 

couple sex with Kiev girl


Олег 05.02.2018

Доминика, прекрасно написано!!!! В твоем стиле!!!!

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