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Nina had some perfect sex in Kiev

For those who would like to receive some perfect sex in Kiev, me and my mates are the best choice possible. We are young, we are free and we are always looking for some pleasures of living. We can also give pleasures - for example, to different men who are interested to spend time with sexy ladies.

I am young Kiev courtesan, my name is Nina, and I know that I am beautiful and look sexy, but also I want people to value my inner side, the one that's interesting and promising too. I can always give something more than just sex to my clients, and if they want long talks or romantic walk in the city - I am always up to give it to them. I love being spontaneous, and if my client is willing, I can turn our meeting into something very special. Not so long ago I met a client who was very willing to have something interesting with me, not only plain sex that can be boring even when your partner is very beautiful and attractive.

My client, let's call him B, was very attractive, he was young and it seems to me he is very busy with his work. When I came to his hotel room, we couldn't say “hello” to each other because his phone was ringing all the time, he was trying to settle his business things down and make something out, but I understood that this routine can be endless. So I waited for the moment when he had a free second and asked him to shut it down. Let it be a game I said. You're shutting your phone down and you have something extra in sex that you would like to have. Let yourself be free for just one evening. Very suddenly he agreed and he looked surprised by my proposition. But well, I am very spontaneous girl and he should've known that!

I spent time with him for three hours and in first hour he was very nervous about some calls he was going to receive, but his will to try something special with me was higher than desire to speak with his partners of friends or someone else. And after all he relaxed, he relaxed and had his own time of satisfaction and pleasure.

For those who are very curious and interested about what special offer did I give him I won't tell! I will keep this as a secret because I promised B. that it will stay between two of us. But he was in awe of what I can do and what I'm doing in bed. If you want to try something new, to have amazing sex in Ukraine with me - I'm up to meet you, let's see what challenges we can face together and I'm sure that we will have unforgettable chemistry between us and something really beautiful will work out.

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