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Reviews about Kiev escorts

Is she still available?


I really appreciate when you can talk to a girl. I was pleasantly surprised! Despite her profession, she is quite erudite. I arrived almost on time. She smiled. She looked very cute. I really liked her figure, in particular, the shape of the nipples. I have such a fetish :) During sex I behaved defiantly, kept to not finish prematurely. I will order her again, I'm sure she has not shown me everything yet.


Perfect! This is the word who discribe this girl . She is very professional and very kind and more beautiful than in the pictures . Simply gorgeous


The beautiful memory of Aleksandra has been lingering in my mind ever since I first met her, not so long ago though. I was sure I want to meet her again and finally I had the opportunity. To spicy our experience up I requested a meeting with water sports, as she practices giving it. Aleksandra looked simply stunning with her beautiful fair skin and feminine body on the day of our meeting. We cuddled and kissed like long lost lovers and I was happy she seemed to remember me. She is a superb player in the bedroom: uninhibited and very naughty, so it was so much more than sex. She is not shy of trying new ways to play watersport, which tu ed out to be a huge success! I can assure the ones who are interested that she is a champ in bed! But go try for yourself. I was happy to hear that she loved playing with me after our little session.


Hi! Is it possible to tie Tonia's hands during sex if I purchase the extra 'slave'service?

Answer: Yes, possible.


Jim was right calling her nasty, she has something along these lines in her. Such a wide variety of services, I couldn't choose but she asked me to cum in her mouth while we were doing the BJ routine so that was it, I couldn't say no. Also her English is REALLY good and it was easy to communicate with her. Will retu .


Hi I would like to spend one day with Marina. Max budget for me is 500$ + ticket to Paris or London Let me know if this is feasible for you Best

Answer: No, not possible.


are you available for tonight

Answer: all the booking and availability checking is made via the phone number. 


This little chick is fierce! She really is amazing, she loves being with men and she sincerely enjoys attention. I would like to take her out and go to a party with her, I think she would do good being a center of attention. And her body deserves it! She's very hot. Great kissing, good fucking, very energetic and her orgasms are something else, she just trembles and moans and man this is real! I loved being with MaryAnna. Gonna meet her again.


These curves are gorgeous, I could watch them forever. Can't wait till I actually meet Anna!


I won't say a lot about Nina, just one thing that tu ed me on very much - the look in her eyes when you're finishing in her mouth. So hungry for more, so sultry. The eyes are always true, and Nina's eyes tell me that she's a true bo lover by nature. Thank you for great sex and for CIM especially, Nina, you're the sexiest and the most fun I've met in such a long time.


I can't believe that after a year of hesitating I finally booked a session with Veronika. After entering the room, I couldn't help but think that she had one of the prettiest faces I had seen, pure, clean, innocent and so feminine. It's a shame that the photos on the website has her eyes blurred out as I think this could be her best feature, you can just look into them forever. Her fun personality made me feel at ease almost immediately and from the start we clicked magnificently, effortlessly. The entire session seemed to flow seamlessly and naturally, something which does not always happen (almost never with escorts for me). I don't know why, because she has a lot of experience as for now, but she kept looking to me for feedback on her level of service but she didn't really need to. She was marvellous. I really suck at describing details but I will say that the climax as I looked into that pretty face of hers is something I'll never forget. In fact, as it happened I couldn't help but think "Could this be the best sex I've ever had?" ... OK, in retrospect, that may be debatable and I was emotional at the moment, but that's certainly what was going through my mind at the time. What a delight.


I had the great pleasure of spending 4 hours with Inna a few days ago. Besides being very attractive, she has a wonderful attitude and disposition. She is very skilled in the sensual arts. You will not be disappointed if you choose to spend time with her.


This girl is perfect! I couldn't in my life dream about having sex with a lady like this. I would realistically never be good enough for her to date me. Thanks god I have enough money to tu this situation around! I would like to say that Karoline treated me with UTTER respect and tende ess, and was not only the dream girl in her looks, but also in her behavior towards the client. She was attentive during the whole date and sex with her was something out of this world. The whole experience was the one to remember, and I would recommend to everyone considering a date with Karoline to dive in her love and tende ess. This is a girl worth your time.


From my experiences this agency has consistently managed to provide high level eye candy and Larisa is no exception, such a beautiful girl. Looks-wise she is imo right up there with the best KE have had to offer: beautiful, slim & toned (and blonde, which is important for me). Initial impressions were very good. A few light kisses and then I went to refresh a little. When I retu ed Larisa was sitting on the bed in just bra and panties with her long legs crossed, she was quite a sight let me tell you. We resumed kissing and I got this angel to stand for a while so I could move around and explore her body with my kisses and caresses which was perfect. Back to the bed where we swapped oral duties, with Larisa there is a very easy way to tell when you are doing it right (you'll hear it, hehe). The sex was enjoyable highlighted by some delightful cowgirl by Larisa. Overall it was a pretty good experience, even though I would like some more engagement on her side. Sex was great, but I would like something for the soul also. Maybe something was lost in translation though! But I definitely will come back.


This year just started and I already had a date to remember, the one I won't forget for a long time - a date with charming and seductive Zhanna. This woman has a lot of features a man HAS to love and I just wanted to tell you all she's perfect and if you haven't already, you just NEED to meet Zhanna in person. She's not your usual cliche call girl, she's a true GFE with overload of passion you've never imagined is possible to find in one person. I sometimes felt reluctant to write more reviews on Zhanna (whom to be honest I met a lot of times) with an ulterior motive that I could keep her all to myself, but I also understand that every man and woman deserves a bit of love from an angel. She is an angel. Caring, understanding and a bit dirty.


I'm a big fan of Mary and her talents. She's not only a beautiful lady, the best thing about her is that she genuinely enjoys sex and loves it to the point where you believe you're having sex with someone who wants it same as (or even more than!) you. She really gets off with you, she adores your body and lets you adore her. Having coffee with her, spending the whole night, getting the massage from her beautiful hands and just generally spending time with her was both sexy, sensual and very pleasant, and I thought it was one time lucky experience so I booked her again, but... maybe it was dumb luck again? But I had the same experience the next time. She was more than nice to me and it seemed like she genuinely enjoyed our date and our sex. Just... great, I'm out of words.


This is my fourth date with Kira. I literally never met an escort I liked to see that often. I'm not going to explain all the little details about our encounter but I can affirm that every time that I spend with her is going better and better, I don't know why WHY she doesn't have thousands of great reviews, because she's just a stunner in her looks and she is a stunning person and I just want to meet her again and again. This time I have organised a long encounter with her including breakfast. She is the kind of a woman that makes you proud to go with everywhere. I just want people to see her with me and that makes me so proud. She's is beautiful, intelligent and sensual women. She knows how to treat you like a King. She knows how to treat a man and she doesn't stop till you are totally satisfied. I only have good words for her. And, of course... I can't wait to see her again.


Boys if you haven't seen Inna yet you are in for a real treat. Beautiful face, and a smile that could make even the darkest day seem brighter. She made me laugh with her laid back attitude. After business was taken care of Inna led me to her shower. She is a very hygienic and has high standards, she doesn't have an off-putting smell a lot of girls seem to have. Even my towel was warm. All the little things this sexy and saucy woman (or the agency, who knows) has thought of that add to a high class service. When I got out of the shower and ventured to the room Inna was spread legged on her lounge with her sexy panties pulled to one side. She gave me one look straight in the eyes that spoke, "FUCK ME!!!" She asked me to stick my cock in her mouth. She proceeded to give the most mind blowing deep throat I have ever had. She also asked me to put my fingers into her pussy while she rubbed her clit. I felt her pussy contracting as she writhed on my fingers!!! Inna then knelt down on her knees in front of me and looked up at me with those sexy eyes. Her eyes are hypnotic. She softly asked me to cum on her face!!! It was by far the best BBBJ I have ever had. Lets just say that the sex was even better!!! Everything Inna promises she delivers...she takes pride in her job and she loves sex!!!


Inessa is just what I like - she looks a little shy and all too young to be doing a job like this. I loved her visuals so I booked her immediately. She opened the door wearing a little skirt and some special lingerie unde eath that I had requested on the phone with an operator, looked very pretty. I knew I was in for a treat. Had a quick shower then hopped straight onto the bed for a little get to know each other session. She seemed very shy to start with and really needed me to initiate contact but by the end of our time together had really opened up and had lost a lot of her shyness, which attracted me. Lots of dfk, she gives a decent bbbj, maybe a bit toothy every now and then when she gets real enthusiastic, but that appealed to me as a pro, not con, because I knew she wanted me. Sex was good too, she is open to any position, felt nice and tight, so to be honest all over it was a very enjoyable time. Of course there are better and more professional ladies for the price, but she's great for those who love genuine and a little shy, natural ladies.

I don't always write reviews (to be honest I mostly never do) but after my recent visit with Sasha, I feel compelled to do so! Why? If you've found the cure to what ails you, why not share that news around and help others?! Where to start? Time with Sasha provides such an amazing lift. You saw her pictures and you know she is beautiful, but that's not the only great thing about this one. She is sexy, passionate, sensual, caring and a joy to spend time with. She is full of energy and she helped me a lot to feel better when I was honestly down a bit. That helped the sex also and I can't be thankful enough. So all in all, Sasha is a really special girl and the entire experience amazingly just keeps getting better every time you meet her, not only in terms of sex, but this too, my friend, this too. I will be back for sure next time I'm in Kiev.


I cum to kiev on 17 dec my hotel kiev we meet at 8pm

Answer: Yes, please contact manager 2-3 hours before the meeting.


I would like to invite her to Thailand for 7 days. Is that possible to arrange?

Answer: no, unfortunatelt Vika won't go away for that long. But you can actually contact our manager and we will find you a girl who will happily escort you in your trip! 


First time I've seen Inessa, booking was intuitive - I just liked what I saw and I had a good feeling. Upon opening the door to see this beauty standing in front of me I knew I was having a good day and I really made the right choice. After a quick shower Inessa met me on the bed with some really nice kissing. I then had to taste her wonderful breasts, perfect size and proportion, and she was so responsive to kissing and caressing. I then explored the rest of her gorgeous body. After a while I couldn't resist any longer and asked Inessa if she had a preferred position. She has many it would seem but after some quick deliberation I suggested doggy. It was the right decision, as I was able to reach her superb breasts in between holding her lovely hips, and the view of her great ass was something to behold. It felt great and I enjoyed our session and the connection we made, we connected from the outset which probably helped too. She is a beautiful girl who I would highly recommend her, and I will be sure to see her again.


Darina surprised me with her innocent and beautiful look, her vibe was so great that I actually changed my choice. I wanted to go with the other girl, but just scrolling through site before ordering I couldn't stop myself from meeting Darina. To be honest, the vibe of innocence just surrounded me that whole evening. It was perfect from the moment she entered my room. So full of heart and soul, Darina looked timid but still hot and that mix really drove me crazy... She was dressed so simply, just jeans and sweater, but unde eath she had a beautiful lingerie matching set and... My god, it was so beyond words. I ordered CIM but I couldn't bring myself to do it until she herself asked me to do it. While sucking me. Guys... You need Darina. Believe me. You just do. She's real and sincere.


This was the third time for me with Kira. I would say that I definitely didn't think I would book some escort more than once as I tend to always go with someone new, let some newness in my life even if only in sexual way... Well after meeting Kira I just felt like I have withdrawals after our dates... And I wanted to meet her again and again for she was so caring, so attentive and beautiful. Well, third time was the best of the charms actually. We started off with the massage which was an exceptional experience. Her hands are absolutely everything. Her body is smooth and she is just the best in caressing you. It got me ready for sex so quick. The sex was just fantastic and the 2 hours with Kira went so quick. She made me cum twice and I would describe her service as a GFE with a po star twist - definitely enough to leave you wanting more. No one of girls made me cum 2 times on one date, but Kira just does it. Once you see Kira you get mesmerized with her beauty and her great personality. A very friend lady who makes you very comfortable from the word go... But yeah, kinda expensive. Still worth it. Just be careful guys. She's addictive.


I am mostly looking for GFE girls, good English and all, because my evenings and nights may be a little too lonely and I don't really like being alone. Talking to someone really matters to me, I don't necessarily enjoy sex without being at least a little intimate with a girl. Liza was a perfect choice for me. I felt it even before I mer her. Liza knows how to ease people in a way that you think you've known her for years, she is fun to be around and great conversationalist - that was such a huge plus for me. To match her charm and wit, she is easy on the eyes as well, and also such a great lover! I couldn't stop enjoying her and seriously had problems saying goodbye after session. Her moves are amazing, her kisses are sensual, and the BBBJ... My god... It's a pity that CIM is not allowed. Liza was very acommodating in the positions I wanted, and she is no starfish either - at all! Again her moves are so amazing, moreso, I got so tired because she rode me relentlessly! Also I think she had a real orgasm with me - her legs began shaking wildly during sex! Imagine making a girl like this cum. This made me feel even better as we kept going at it while it was happening, I tell you, it was a feeling that I won't forget! Overall, I'd totally recommend Liza to anyone that wants a sweet and gentle soul to spend a few hours with, and have one of the best experiences to cherish for a really long time.


I don't like writing reviews so this is my first one because I just couldn't restrain. After becoming single I decided to try spending some time with pros and this one was my first choice, the choice I haven't regret for a moment. I came across Oksana, after seeing her profile I just thought I have to try and went for it really hard. BBBJ sealed the deal for me because you just have to meet the beautiful girl who offers BBBJ. Oksana offered me a kiss hello when we met, and I offered to get business out of the way in a nervous manner (I'm a novice you have to remember) to which Oksana politely agreed but made it so I just lost all the anxiety. She's a skillful girl, both socially and sexually. After a shower I came into the bedroom to her wearing some fine lingerie, and we had plenty of sex in three hours. Her skills in the bedroom are quite incredible, she seemed to enjoy herself more than me which I didn't think was possible with a call girl. Well, I wouldn't say Oksana is anything I imagined in a call girl but she was so much better in ANY possible way. All in all Oksana was a real treat and I will def be retu ing to her as soon as I can.


Oh my God,where do I start. I was greeted at the door by Mary she was not dressed quite as I requested,but her welcome soon made up for that. I asked to use the facilities, once back in the bedroom there was kissing before she removed my shirt. This lady is unbelievable, she was extremely ho y, never before have I made a lady cum so much. It was amazing, I have had a few escorts in past but nothing like Mary, her photos are genuine in fact I would say she is more beautiful in person. Fantastic personality and a great sense of humour not to mention her silky black hair and a body to die for. I have a rule of not visiting the same lady twice , however I think that rule is about to be broken, as I can't stop thinking about Marys gorgeous body. Thank you see you soon xxxxx


Set myself a goal of a relaxing hour with a beautiful girl. Nothing over the top, strenuous or too exotic. Eva has very nice new aparts in Kiev. Hadn't asked if anything specific dress wise but Eva was nicely dressed and smiling sweetly. Her pics are new, can guarantee you that. She's absolutely lovely and very easy on the eye. Soft skin, lovely face, eyes particularly, and very cute body. Had s nice shower then a lovely hour in her company. Def gfe and that's what I wanted, some time admiring fine art, not an obstacle course. Her English was good and she had a nice personality. She wasn't shy in taking the lead but it wasn't brush. I wasn't planning on doing anything too strenuous but still managed a really good time with several positions and it was all really very nice. I'd thoroughly recommend, she's s lovely girl and I think she'd probably get a bit more racey if required. Top notch hour, really hit the spot.